Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween/Bday Party

Life has been a lil hectic with school and work, but Kyle has helped me sooo much this year in school. It's been great haha And the semester is almost over!! My mom was able to find a good enough deal for me and Kyle to fly to Memphis for Christmas!! Woohooo!! I'm excited I haven't been there since the last Christmas when I had our wedding reception. So excited! Well to back it up from then, next weekend Katie, Nate, me and Kyle are gonna see NEW MOON!!! I'm sooo excited!! The next week we will be Thanksgiving and we are spending it with the Porter Family. :) I just can't wait for the HOLIDAYS!! Just need to survive school for just one more month!! Here are some pics from Katie's 22nd BDAY party on Halloween! I especially love the pumpkin people!! heehee

Sunday, August 23, 2009

California Trip

Soooo Jacquie, Devon, Kyle, and I took a trip to Cali August 14th-19th. We were able to fly which was really nice. We we able to stay at Jacquie's dad's house and use his truck which was way cool too. The Friday we got there we went to the famous Griffith Observatory and watched a cool show in the planetariam and learned about constelations and the scientist Galileo and his discoveries. Saturday, we went to Huntington Beach. Kyle and Devon chopped up wood at jacquie's mom's house to bring for a bonfire there on the beach. But all the pits were taken when we got there! Dang it. We still had fun and ate a Luigi's which was off a strip of stores and other restaurants. I didn't really like my pasta that much, but it was cool to eat outside and listen to live music that was going on. Sunday, we went to Laguna Beach (which is really famous.) There were tons of people there, the water had a ton of seaweed tho and the seaweed was on the shore and lil buggies were swarming around. yuck! I was thinking people must live in Laguna then go to a different beach cuz it wasn't that great...haha. We also went to Downtown Disneyland. The re was live music outside and we went through the Disney store there. We were also able to see fire works that was from inside the actual park.

Monday, we went to Six Flags! It was wayy fun. The lines were horrible, but the rides were really good. I think our favorite ride was Tatsu. Your body is facing down and the ride makes you feel like you're flying around the park! Tuesday, we went to the best beach Newport. The water was really nice and the sand was clean. Beautiful! That night we went to the Dodgers game and the Dodgers got a lot of hits! They won 7-3. I got cotton candy and a dodger dog too. heehee

Oh! We also saw the Los Angeles Temple! sooo tall and beautiful! Traffic there was THE WORST though. ALL DAY is rush hour I think. haha

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My 21st birthday!!

When we got back camping we had a lil party for my Bday that night! I was so happy that everyone I invited was able to come! Kyle's old roommates Scott and Trent, my old roommates Stacie and Jacquie, Stacie's husband Cliff, Bridget, Jimmie, and Devon! We had Lil Ceasars pizza and cake. We also played some games of Catch Phrase. We then all went to the dollar theater and saw Terminator. Oh yeahhh!


Kyle and I went camping on the night of my birthday with Bridget and Jimmie. We went in the canyon in Heber City I believe. It was great! It was really funny when we were setting up out tents b/c me and Kyle's was tiny compared to Bridget and jimmie's! haha! Bridget and Jimmie also had this way nice mattress too. It was as big as a regular full sized bed and thick like one too! Kyle and I had never seen one of those before! We had foiled dinners and smores that night. The next morning we went hiking in the woods and saw a baby deer! It still had its spots! It was soo cute! We also saw a whole herd of elk! Jimmie would use his elk caller and Jimmie said that one of the females was trying to see what we were and if we were a stranded baby elk. It was really neat!

I also shot my first bow and arrow! Jimmie loves hunting and he has alll the gear. I tried a shot with Bridget's 30 pound bow and Kyle used Jimmie's 55 pound bow. I was nervous that I would shoot it so bad we weren't gonna be able to find Bridget's arrow, but I actually shot the target! (We were about 20 yards away I think.)I was relieved...haha. Kyle did an awesome job too. It's really hard to pull those things back!! You have to be strong. I was glad I was able to learn tho. I'm so glad we were able to go! It was a cool Bday adventure.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just wanted to write some.

Sooo the summer has been good so far. I had spring semester. Survived with some actually pretty good grades. my GPA is getting better. I was tested for ADD which was 6 tests. And my counselor says that he thinks medicine will help me a lot for school and stuff. The past semesters have been really hard and I have felt I have worked pretty dang hard. I hope the medicine is going to help...

I was able to donate 10 inches of my hair for the first time ever! It felt nice to do. My hair was gettin too long. I hadn't cut it in 8 months! I was able to get another job at Kyle's work Pinnacle Security. So I'm on the phone with customers, techs, and sales reps all day. It's not too bad, but it gets really monotonous. I'm happy to help a lil more for us to get more income tho. Kyle has just been working full time and was able to get some over time earlier this summer. We enjoyed that so we were able to pay off my ring, get a ps2 and guitar hero, and clothes!! We have been spoilin ourselves with the extra money. We are still saving don't worry Mom.

Jacquie, Devon, Kyle, and I are also going to California for about a week next month!!! I'm sooo excited! We are staying at Jacquie's parents house, going to the beach, seeing a fireworks show with fine classical music, and going to Six Flags!!!! aaahh!! I can't wait!! Mom found cheap plane tickets so we are flying too! Soo Kyle and I are saving up for that trip too.

Oh we also moved from Orem to Provo this past month. I really like our new apt. but we have no AC! So we have a lil window unit in our bedroom and 3 other floor fans. We are also gonna put ceiling fans in. Kyle put one in yesterday, but it doesn't seem to blow so great...haha. We saw Harry Potter last night with Kyle's family. It was way fun. We ate at Red Robin's then saw the great movie. Nothing is better than the books tho!!

School is coming really soon though and Kyle and I need to still register! Not sure what classes I'm gonna take since I hate music now.(Singing is fun) I'm pretty sure I'm gonna talk to Bro. Babidge this week about it all though. Maybe the meds will help with my anxiety/depression/non attention span I have. School just makes me go crazy! You can ask Kyle. Well lots to do this week! I'm working over 40 hours a week. woohoo! Oh I'm gonna be 21 on the 31st! We are gonna go to Tepanyaki I think and we are going camping. I hope I won't hate it. hahaha Anything to do away from Provo and work is nice.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!!

Oh my Gosh!! We had one of THE BEST meals yesterday for the fourth. Kyle's Uncle Roberto grilled for about two hours chicken and some yummy meat. It is sooo good. We had fresh corn straight from the stalks, potatoes with parsley and garlic. Kyle and I washed the lettuce for the salad that was straight from their garden! Uncle Roberto is from Argentina and he made sauce called chimichiri that went on the meat and I LOVE IT!! We even had fresh, french bread that tasted like the kind my mom would make for us from her bread maker. OH man! I wants some more...haha. Kyle and I brought some graham cracker, pudding dessert. haha I forgot what my mom calls it. Anyway, after the delicious dinner. Bridget, Jimmie, Kyle, and I went to see fireworks at Thanksgiving Point.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON (1958-2009) Bad World Tour figures total 123 concerts to 4.4 million people. The 16 month tour grossed over $125 million, more than any other entertainer had on a single tour. During the tour Michael invited underprivileged children to watch him perform, and contributed to hospitals, orphanages, and other charities.

Check out the bottom of my Blog to view videos of Michael on this tour.

Michael Jackson. The King of Pop. One of my VERY FAVORITE artists, entertainers, choreographers, musicians, singers, writers, and dancers of ALL time passed away June 25th, 2009.

The next day we went to the park! We drove all around and found deer, elk, bison, eagles in the distance and in their nest, different types of birds, a WOLF, and a BABY BEAR!! We were far from the wolf, but the baby bear was just a few feet from us!!! It was soo awesome!!! But I seriously have never been around so many people who get car sick. Jeanette and her kids get so sick. That night we made smores in the cabin's fireplace and played Catch Phrase. The next day we went to see Old Faithful and saw the HUGE geyser!! It was way cool trip.

Last weekend Kyle, Bridget, Jimmie, Jeanette, Sherylin, and Whitney went to Jeanette's friends cabin near Yellowstone Park. We brought soo many snacks on the road trip I didn't know what to do with myself! The drive wasn't bad at all. It was about 6 hours. When we got there we helped open the cabin for Tricia and then went on a Mule ride down some trails. The mule is their lil Jeep they have. We then canoed down a river that took us about an hour and a half. We raced down and I think it was pretty close! haha