Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just wanted to write some.

Sooo the summer has been good so far. I had spring semester. Survived with some actually pretty good grades. my GPA is getting better. I was tested for ADD which was 6 tests. And my counselor says that he thinks medicine will help me a lot for school and stuff. The past semesters have been really hard and I have felt I have worked pretty dang hard. I hope the medicine is going to help...

I was able to donate 10 inches of my hair for the first time ever! It felt nice to do. My hair was gettin too long. I hadn't cut it in 8 months! I was able to get another job at Kyle's work Pinnacle Security. So I'm on the phone with customers, techs, and sales reps all day. It's not too bad, but it gets really monotonous. I'm happy to help a lil more for us to get more income tho. Kyle has just been working full time and was able to get some over time earlier this summer. We enjoyed that so we were able to pay off my ring, get a ps2 and guitar hero, and clothes!! We have been spoilin ourselves with the extra money. We are still saving don't worry Mom.

Jacquie, Devon, Kyle, and I are also going to California for about a week next month!!! I'm sooo excited! We are staying at Jacquie's parents house, going to the beach, seeing a fireworks show with fine classical music, and going to Six Flags!!!! aaahh!! I can't wait!! Mom found cheap plane tickets so we are flying too! Soo Kyle and I are saving up for that trip too.

Oh we also moved from Orem to Provo this past month. I really like our new apt. but we have no AC! So we have a lil window unit in our bedroom and 3 other floor fans. We are also gonna put ceiling fans in. Kyle put one in yesterday, but it doesn't seem to blow so great...haha. We saw Harry Potter last night with Kyle's family. It was way fun. We ate at Red Robin's then saw the great movie. Nothing is better than the books tho!!

School is coming really soon though and Kyle and I need to still register! Not sure what classes I'm gonna take since I hate music now.(Singing is fun) I'm pretty sure I'm gonna talk to Bro. Babidge this week about it all though. Maybe the meds will help with my anxiety/depression/non attention span I have. School just makes me go crazy! You can ask Kyle. Well lots to do this week! I'm working over 40 hours a week. woohoo! Oh I'm gonna be 21 on the 31st! We are gonna go to Tepanyaki I think and we are going camping. I hope I won't hate it. hahaha Anything to do away from Provo and work is nice.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I miss seeing you guys. Sounds like your keeping busy!