Friday, November 13, 2009

Halloween/Bday Party

Life has been a lil hectic with school and work, but Kyle has helped me sooo much this year in school. It's been great haha And the semester is almost over!! My mom was able to find a good enough deal for me and Kyle to fly to Memphis for Christmas!! Woohooo!! I'm excited I haven't been there since the last Christmas when I had our wedding reception. So excited! Well to back it up from then, next weekend Katie, Nate, me and Kyle are gonna see NEW MOON!!! I'm sooo excited!! The next week we will be Thanksgiving and we are spending it with the Porter Family. :) I just can't wait for the HOLIDAYS!! Just need to survive school for just one more month!! Here are some pics from Katie's 22nd BDAY party on Halloween! I especially love the pumpkin people!! heehee