Sunday, August 23, 2009

California Trip

Soooo Jacquie, Devon, Kyle, and I took a trip to Cali August 14th-19th. We were able to fly which was really nice. We we able to stay at Jacquie's dad's house and use his truck which was way cool too. The Friday we got there we went to the famous Griffith Observatory and watched a cool show in the planetariam and learned about constelations and the scientist Galileo and his discoveries. Saturday, we went to Huntington Beach. Kyle and Devon chopped up wood at jacquie's mom's house to bring for a bonfire there on the beach. But all the pits were taken when we got there! Dang it. We still had fun and ate a Luigi's which was off a strip of stores and other restaurants. I didn't really like my pasta that much, but it was cool to eat outside and listen to live music that was going on. Sunday, we went to Laguna Beach (which is really famous.) There were tons of people there, the water had a ton of seaweed tho and the seaweed was on the shore and lil buggies were swarming around. yuck! I was thinking people must live in Laguna then go to a different beach cuz it wasn't that great...haha. We also went to Downtown Disneyland. The re was live music outside and we went through the Disney store there. We were also able to see fire works that was from inside the actual park.

Monday, we went to Six Flags! It was wayy fun. The lines were horrible, but the rides were really good. I think our favorite ride was Tatsu. Your body is facing down and the ride makes you feel like you're flying around the park! Tuesday, we went to the best beach Newport. The water was really nice and the sand was clean. Beautiful! That night we went to the Dodgers game and the Dodgers got a lot of hits! They won 7-3. I got cotton candy and a dodger dog too. heehee

Oh! We also saw the Los Angeles Temple! sooo tall and beautiful! Traffic there was THE WORST though. ALL DAY is rush hour I think. haha

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