Sunday, August 9, 2009


Kyle and I went camping on the night of my birthday with Bridget and Jimmie. We went in the canyon in Heber City I believe. It was great! It was really funny when we were setting up out tents b/c me and Kyle's was tiny compared to Bridget and jimmie's! haha! Bridget and Jimmie also had this way nice mattress too. It was as big as a regular full sized bed and thick like one too! Kyle and I had never seen one of those before! We had foiled dinners and smores that night. The next morning we went hiking in the woods and saw a baby deer! It still had its spots! It was soo cute! We also saw a whole herd of elk! Jimmie would use his elk caller and Jimmie said that one of the females was trying to see what we were and if we were a stranded baby elk. It was really neat!

I also shot my first bow and arrow! Jimmie loves hunting and he has alll the gear. I tried a shot with Bridget's 30 pound bow and Kyle used Jimmie's 55 pound bow. I was nervous that I would shoot it so bad we weren't gonna be able to find Bridget's arrow, but I actually shot the target! (We were about 20 yards away I think.)I was relieved...haha. Kyle did an awesome job too. It's really hard to pull those things back!! You have to be strong. I was glad I was able to learn tho. I'm so glad we were able to go! It was a cool Bday adventure.

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