Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well it's been almost a couple a weeks since we got back from Memphis and man how two weeks feels forever ago already!! Kinda sad. Well Kyle and I had a blast visiting our family in Memphis. We saw Dylan graduate High School and him play his last baseball game with Bartlett. We were all pretty sad about Bartlett losing 5 to 4 to Houston. It was the Regional Championship and Houston beat us to state! :( I think it was the hardest lost ever for Dylan and his team b/c they had been planning on going to state since they were playing at 12 or 13 years old and a lot of the players he played with in middle school went on to play High School ball at Bartlett.

But alas it's over and since they lost we seemed to have more family time which is good too. We all really enjoyed having Dane and Amber's kids around. Taya and Paxton were so much fun to play with and watch over. I have to say though I know I'm not ready to have kids! They need constant attention, love, and work that I'm not sure I can give to my own at this time. I really don't know how they do it with Amber in school and Dane working. Wow. We went to the Memphis Zoo and it was amazing!! They have added so much since I have been there and it was great to see all the animals. The Memphis Zoo was also 2008's Best in the US!

We got to drive the long journey to Nannie and Grandpa's house to East TN. It was a long 8 to 9 hour drive there and traffic didn't help. haha But it was ALL worth it to see our wonderful relatives, see the land on the mountain, and play with animals. Nannie even had baby rabbits and a baby goat we could play with a bit. They were adorable!! Taya looked so cute holding the baby goat and fetching chicken eggs for Nannie.

We also went to Dollywood which is an amusement park Dolly Parton owns. It was a blast!! Well it stormed for a bit so we couldn't ride the rides for a few hours and that wasn't much fun to wait around. But we got to eventually again and one of the rides jerked me so hard I hit my ear so hard I lost most of my hearing in one ear. I was sooo scared. I couldn't hear right for the next 2 weeks and am JUST getting back my full hearing. SO HAPPY it came back. I must have damaged it pretty badly. But we all had so much fun and Taya wanted to go back the next day she told me. haha

The next day we had a lil family reunion/Bday party for Paxton turned 1!! It was soo nice to be with family and have some REAL good food too. haha My cousin Rachel is a really talented photographer and she took lots of pictures of us all too. It was great! Me and the boys after the festivities went and shot guns Grandpa has and wow did they kick back on you!!! It scared the heck out of me when I shot it. And I wasn't very good with the gun either..haha Dane and Dylan were the best...Dane has done it many times tho. We shot lil orange circlular thingies. Dang I forgot what they are called..hahaha. You tell me? Kyle just told me clay pigeons. We attempted to go fishing but the pond there was overgrown with algae. Oh well! We had to bathe really well afterwards tho b/c there is sooo much poison ivy out there!!

We came home and spent Memorial Day at Mrs. Tracie's house which is my mom's baseball mom friend. haha It was way nice! We got to swim and have some more great food! We saw Dylan play baseball with the Memphis Tigers a summer team he joined. We got some BBQ that night before we left to go back our separate ways-Utah, Washington, and to stay in Tennessee. I miss my family already. And will hold the summer memory of 2010 close to me.