Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How we met!

Kyle and I met through my friend and roommate Stephanie Slauson. She was dating Kyle's roommate. I met Kyle and had a huge crush on him. I thought he was cute, funny and really easy to talk to. Stephanie helped Kyle in having the courage to ask me out. We dated for a lil over a month and school was ending and he had arrangements to leave Provo and to go to New York to sell Pinnacle Alarm systems. I was sad when he left, but we kept touch and he came home after a month and a half. We continued to date and on our six months he surprised me and proposed!! I was ecstatic!!! He asked me in his apartment with a poem and calendar like he did when he first asked me out on a date. It was soo cute! He first proposed with a fake ring from Wal-mart then he asked me to open another box he said were earrings that he talked about getting for me. I opened it and there was my real engagement ring!! I started crying after seeing the sparkling, beauty of that ring and of just shock!! It was one of the best feelings! Kyle did a great job!! :)


  1. I loved the calendar he first gave you and how me had marked things in it. Did he do the same when he proposed?

  2. Yeah he put Marriage date on the calendar. And wrote a poem with Will you marry me? coded in...hahaha