Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer is almost over....

Well well well....I passed allll my classes this summer term!! And man was it HARD and terrible at times, but I did it!!! And now I'm going to for sure be able to sing the Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute this fall at BYU!! I'm wayy excited and happy about it.

The summer has mostly involved school, but I did have my 22nd birthday!! And it was lots of fun!! Since it was Harry Potter's birthday as well I convinced Kyle to let me get some Harry Potter decorations! heehee It was fun decorating. All my coupled friends were able to come, my bro and his old friend Nathan were there too. It was great. We had lots of pizza, cake ,ice cream, and brownies. You know all that good/bad food you have on birthdays. haha Katie made the cake and it was adorable!! It had cool candles that actually said Happy Birthday! haha The lil things really do make things more special sometimes. Her and Nate got me 3 Harry Potter movies too!! I was way excited to get them!! Kyle and I actually watched one last night. haa I also was able to get on skype and see my parents and show them the party! haha My package from mom arrived just in time and I was able to open it in front of them. Mom got me some real cute clothes and a bunch of earrings! It was a pleasant surprise to get all that! Thanks mom and dad. :)

Kyle had bought me tickets to see the opera La Traviata and it was in Logan, UT. It was AMAZING!!! My voice teacher's wife was in it and she taught me for a semester at school and OH MY GOSH!!! She sounded gorgeous!!! It was really great to hear some perfected singing!!! She also looked great!! The costumes were really beautiful!! Afterwards, Kyle and I went to the Cheesecake Factory mostly b/c it was National Cheesecake day and you can get cheesecake for half price!! heck yeah!! It was the best birthday weekend EVER!! haha

Well the summer is almost over already for us.... Our ward is going camping this weekend so it should be good!! Kyle and I are some of the activities people of the ward so we will be in charge of breakfast. ha Hope we do good. Katie and Nate are also going to try and come along. Hope we have some fun!!

Pics to come...


  1. dang! you will have to tell me how the campout goes! we miss it every year. i'm sure yall will have a blast.. happy belated birthday and congrats on passing your classes! that is awesome!

  2. Thanks!!!!! And I will let you know!! :)