Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm the Queen!!

So I realized today that I never put my exciting news on my blog!! I had auditions in March at BYU for the Magic Flute fall opera and I tried out for the role of the Queen of the Night. It is a very hard role to sing and it is one of the most popular roles ever written for sopranos in an opera. I was then asked to sing for a call back a couple weeks later and then my voice teacher told me I had gotten the role! I was ecstatic! I am so grateful for the opportunity!

But then my voice teacher told me that as my personal mentor at BYU that he will not let me sing the role in the fall unless I get some music classes done....shoooot. I understand why because as everyone knows I am not good in school, but I guess it gives me more incentive to try even harder. So I am now taking Summer classes starting at the end of June. noooooooooo. I really did not want to deal with school in the summer BUT I want to sing this amazing role!! Luckily, my accompanist Tiffany, who plays for my lessons, is going to tutor me before and during I take the classes. So grateful for her...but I hope she can really help me! shoot.

Other great news- I'm going home to Memphis, TN for 2 weeks to see my parents and see Dylan graduate and play some ball for Bartlett for the la st time!! ALL us Riner kids have gone to Bartlett High. From 1997-2010 Bartlett High had some of the most talented baseball players, a talented singer, and luckily had the bright kid last!! I really hope Dane and his kids will be able to come down too!! Pray for cheap plane tickets!! haha I haven't even seen my nephew yet and he will be 1 years old next month! Craziness. I really hope we can all get together. It will be almost a year and a half since we have...(since my wedding). Guess that happens when we grow up...danng.

My brother Dane and my nephew Paxton

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